Self-care Sushi Sundays

I used to hate Sundays because there was that looming awareness that Monday was coming, which meant back to work or school and a routine that, for me, often also meant restriction. 

Now I look forward to Sundays because they've become time I get to make my own. And to me that means acts of self-care that allow me to reconnect to myself, relax, or regroup for the coming week. 

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Body Work and Leonard Cohen's 'Beautiful Losers'

In Cohen’s Beautiful Losers there are three characters who all have a different relationship with their bodies: F., who is obsessed with perfecting the human body, I., who is fixated on his body's flaws, and Edith, who attempts to reclaim her self-identity through body manipulation. F. ends up in a mental institute, Edith crushed by an elevator, and I. alone and depressed. Both F. and Edith die from failed attempts at finding fulfillment through the body.

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Our Disabilities Don't Define Us

[originally published here on elephant journal.]

The city isn’t built for the disabled. It’s a battleground of staircases and broken handicap buttons forcing those with temporary injuries—or long-term ones—to fight our way to our destinations.

Suddenly, unable to navigate a familiar place in my usual ways, I found myself forced to ask questions that evoked my own lingering insecurities. Who was I when I couldn’t do the things a two-legged, able-bodied person could do? And what, then, really made me who I was?

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Be your own role model

There are a lot of people in the world that I look up to. My parents have been a huge motivating force in my life, and their own accomplishments are ones that I admire. My sisters both are ambitious and successful young women, and so many of my friends in my life are doing great things. It's important to have people in your life who you look up to and who inspire you to do great things in turn.

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